Our Boy



In Retirement:We would like to thank our Harley Herves’ for 7 awesome years enjoying his harem and the backbone of our cattery……Not only was he top Himalayan quality, he was also a gentleman when around his ladies and babies……He has been neutered and has joined a wonderful new loving family and we are so happy for him……We love you Harley:)


Our new stud kitty,  Sir Lancelot, below…….

2014-06-18 1

2014-06-18 1.JPG 2

 Sir Lance is our proud new stud who has just recently joined our Coastal Chicks family and we welcome him……..He is a registered CFA male from top show line quality, has Champion and Reserved Champion Bloodlines and is a gorgeous Seal Pt……He’s a gentle boy who loves his family already……..Lance has the Extreme Face of Show Quality Himalayans, whereas, our females have the traditional Doll Face, with the exception of Cashmere and Mercedes….Our babies truly have an exceptional look, somewhere in the in-between……Our offspring truly have a beautiful look with the combination of both………:):)



Kitty 7

img_3279 Tony and Harley really get along so great!!!  Harley loves his Daddy, Tony and Tony loves Harley………..:):)


img_0888.jpg  Zoe (on the top) and sweet boy Harley, enjoying hanging out together…..He loves his girls….!!

“Harley’s new haircut”

Sir Harley is such a sweetheart and we love him dearly….:):)


 Harley being loved and hugged by his “mama”….:):)


 Harley on his Mercury towel, so cute……!

  Harley, at 5 months old….:):)  What a cutie..:):)





  1. I adore the picture of Harley in the sink, reminds me of My cat when he usd to do that but now I think he just got too fat.

  2. Harley, is not unlike Tommy my recently gone himalyan kitten. I’m so gald I found you. Please let me know when you have another come due.


  3. When will you have kittens?

  4. Please check back in a couple of months and hopefully, I’ll have a new litter…Thank you…

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