Family & Friends

    Kitty 3  “FAMILY AND FRIENDS”  


 Welcome to my Coastal Kitties website, you guys are the GREATEST!!!

 Loved seeing Ian, Katie, Mary Grace and Faith, from Kentucky, thanks for checking out the cattery:)


Great seeing you guys, Kyle, Linn and Paul, from New Jersey!


Great seeing you Cassie and gang, thanks for stopping by the cattery!

My awesome nephew Collin, (visiting from Italy) below right, and his friend Chase, love to hang out with my kitties…:) 

Emily and Bryn, my niece, came to visit during their Thanksgiving break frm college:) Loved seeing you!!!!!!

 Loved seeing Lewis and Bambi on their trip to Va. Beach, thanks so much for coming….:)  With them is my Tony..:)


Oh my gosh, loved seeing 3 of my college roommates, Andi, Chris, and Ann…!! Thanks for coming to visit my kitties…:):)

Dad and Kay, thanks for coming to visit, we always love seeing you, just as the kitty on the step behind you (Lexie) loves being behind you!

 Thanks Hunter and Kelsey (who were on their way to go surfing) for stopping by today and visiting our cattery…:) It was great seeing both…:) 3/25/11

 Thanks so much Hollis, for coming over and visiting our Cattery!  Loved seeing you!! 3/6/11


Thanks John and Joey (my brother) for coming to visit us today…What fun we had!!..John is holding Cashmere, below……


 My brother Bob, and his daughter Bryn love to come visit the Cattery!

My nephew Collin, loves to play with all the babies when he comes over…!! Below, he’s holding 5 babies….so cute:)


My best friend Betty, from Ocracoke Island, loves to come visit the babies!!


 My brother Bob and his wife Lynne, love to come over and visit with the kitties…!!  Here they are hugging on Kiki….:)


 Thanks so much Patty and Kenny for coming over to check out our cattery!!  Patty is holding beautiful Lexie..:)


 Below are the most awesome employees of Peaksview Animal Hospital in Lynchburg holding sweet Lexie….!  Left to right are Angie, Kerry, Brooke, Amy and Danielle, and thanks so much for taking such good care of Lexie…:):)  


  My dear friend, Betty, came to visit from Ocracoke Island, NC. and loves to play with the kitties when she’s in town…:):)


 Our good friend, Mike, from Tampa, joined us the other night while in town……Loved seeing you Mike!! Mike and Tony enjoying two little fur ball babies….:):)


 This is a photo of our friend, Sharon, who is enjoying a moment with sweet Foxey….
We all owe her a debt of gratitude for her years of service in the Navy and to our country…..Also, thank you for stopping by given your very busy schedule…..


 My girlfriends, Jane, CJ, and Lori and I love hanging out with Cashmere…:) Cashmere doesn’t look very excited though, but since she’s pregnant, I don’t blame her…..:)….


Tony, Eric, Dave, and Rich love hanging out with Foxey…!!  We love when our friends come over and everyone takes turns holding our sweet babies…..:):) 


 It was our pleasure to host a wonderful dinner gathering with these very special Navy Divers and friends, John, Bob, and Ken,  visiting our area from Panama City, Fl…..Of course, while they were here, they enjoyed holding our new kittens…:):)  All who see this join us in thanking them for their service to our Country……:):) IMG_5098

Good friends, Bill from Va. Beach, Alberto, from Italy, Eric, from Florida, and Randy, from South Carolina, visiting us and lovin’ on our babies….:):)


 My dear friends, Kim and Robin,love to see the little ones…:) img_4758

Below, My brother Bob and my nephew Collin, always love playing with the babies…:)


Brynne Gantt, my beautiful niece, is always welcome to come play with the babies..:)

 My nephew Jacob, lovin’ on Coco…:)





  1. Lovely and adorable

    i cant wait to have one

    their pix are taking my breath a way 🙂

  2. Thanks for tanking my picturee, i loved seeing the babbies(: they are adorable and im glad you are doing what you love, keep it up<3
    – Megan(:

  3. I would love to come look at your kittens. I am looking for a female. My shaded chinchilla passed away 2 years ago from renal failure. I am so ready to have another beautiful baby kitten. Please contact me.

  4. I would like to adopt a kitten please if a female is available .. Thanks

  5. When do you expect your next litter?

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