Available Kittens





 Our kittens are CFA Registered with exceptional bloodlines… Health, beauty and personality are our main focus and we take pride in raising the perfect Himalayan for your family…..We strive to satisfy each of our customers with a 100% guarantee ……All are PKD neg…..

Prices:  Our babies sell for between $750-800.00, which includes first vaccination, dewormer, PKD neg. DNA, and CFA reg. papers….Please contact us for with any questions you may have via email: catinvbeach@gmail.com……..

Kitty 3


All new kittens have been reserved………May 23, 2018




SOLD……2/14/18……….Available for adoption, this gorgeous female Tortie Pt, 5 weeks old…..Please email me for any questions regarding this precious little girl….catinvbeach@gmail.com





 Available for adoption, below, this precious little male Flame Pt., 5 weeks old…DOB: 7/16/17  SOLD!!


FullSizeRender 2



 SOLD—–Gorgeous female Tortie Pt below

 SOLD! Gorgeous Flame Pt male below


SOLD……..AVAILABLE for ADOPTION —Below, this beautiful Female Tortie Pt, 9 weeks old, DOB: 4/21/16 , first vaccination, dewormer and CFA reg., PKD neg………$700.00….Please contact me for any additional information at catinvbeach@gmail.com or call 757-363-8247 ……………:) She really wants to find a forever loving home, she’s very lonely, all of her siblings have been adopted…..:(



SOLD!!     Available for Adoption – Below, precious little 6 week old female Seal Pt.- DOB-4/21/16…… includes first vaccination, dewormer and CFA reg. papers……Please contact me for any additional information at catinvbeach@gmail.com ……………:)



Below are three adopted babies that will be leaving for their new homes this weekend! 5/12/16


Available for adoption, gorgeous 6 week old male Tortie, $700.00…..CFA Reg., PKD Neg., first vacc and dewormed…..catinvb@cox.net     SOLD!!!


AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION—- Gorgeous male Blue Pt, DOB-6-28-15, $700.00  SOLD!



Available: Gorgeous Chocolate Pt. male,  8 weeks old……$700.00  SOLD


 SOLD——Available for adoption  – Brandy, below, a Gorgeous, female Chocolate Tortie, 15 months old, who was just spayed due to delivery complications….A real loving sweetheart and loves everyone. Vaccinations up to date and extremely healthy……We are so disappointed having to sell her……..to loving home only!!! 6/1/14


2014-05-09 27

Thank you Julie and David on the adoption of our precious Portia, below…..


Below are photos of adopted babies for you to enjoy:







 Below are photos for you to enjoy of babies that have been already been adopted….:)











  1. Omg, Carson, that male seal point so So Gourgous!!! I really hope he finds a good home, I would take him if my husband would have let me in a heartbeat!!!!!

  2. hi carcon,
    we adopted our cat pippin from something like a year ago and love him! christmas is coming up and we were wondering if you are having any new litters

  3. Hello. I am interested in buying a kitten for my mother. She has a beautiful flame point and just lost a blue point at 19 years old. When are your kittens due? Thanks so much. Tish Mitchell

  4. I am very interested in adopting one of your beautiful babies. Please let me know what I need to do have one of my own. She/he would be the only baby in the home and very loved.

  5. how would i go about adopting one of these beautiful himalayans?

  6. hi carcon, we got a cat from you a little more then a year ago. we love him to death!! want him to have a friend? his name is pippin! we love everything about him and were wondering if you have another as close to what he looks like as possible. thanks so much

  7. heyy(: waddup

  8. Hi, I had two himilayan seal point kitties. The first died at age 16 on December 28, The second just died age 13, last monday. My heart is broken but when I came across your site I feltl certain Tommy my valiant male would want me to have one of your seal or lavender blue point kittens. Please write to tell me how I can further find out about adopting one of your bluepiont/seal point kittens. I am an artist and cat images figure quite often in my work.Thank-you so much I look forward to hearing from you.

  9. Wish you were in Florida the absolutely gorgeous!

  10. Wish you were in Florida they are absolutely gorgeous!

  11. Your kittens are Soo beautiful!! I am looking for a seal point kitten. Or something near even perhaps a silver Point. Just one with points. I can drive to see and purchase one. How wonderful. I was just about to adopt another kitten, but not a beautiful as yours. What are your prices?


  12. Will be at the beach in sept 21 22 23 would like to no if you have any blue point or tori linx for sell

  13. You have beautiful kittens i will e maill you at the end of aug i would love to come back from the beach with a baby thankyou for your time

  14. Hi! my wife is very interested in a teacup Himalayan kitten but most all we find are on the other side of the country. Do you deal in teacups? and if not, can you recommend someone closer to Va that breeds teacups? thanks
    We live in southwest VA.

    • I am so sorry but I only breed non teacup Himmies…… Don’t know any breeders…..

      Sent from my iPhone

  15. We are looking for a female kitty. Let me know what we can expect by email, Thanks!

  16. Hi I’m really looking for a male kitten for my wife for Xmas! I think she’d really like a flame point, but I also think she would love any Himalayan kitty 🙂 please let me know if you have any available! And do you ship your kittens? Thank you

  17. We enjoyed the pictures of your kittens. You mentioned you will be in Charleston, S.C. this Sat. the l6th. We would be interested in seeing your kittens since we lost our kitty of 16 years this week and there is an empty place in our hearts for a new one. Penny Patton

  18. Hi we recently lost our seal point baby boy and we’re looking to get another. If you are going to breed anymore any time soon. Thanks so much!

  19. What color points are you expecting from the litter due in April?
    Thanks so much,

    • Do you have an pictures. I like seal points.


  20. Hi there, we adopted a male, Xander, from you last spring, so Brandy would be about the same age as Xander. You had a female about 2 weeks older that Xander at that time which your husband had gotten you, and you were putting her up for adoption, then decided to keep her. Is this that cat or a different one from on
    e of your litters? Reason for asking, thinking of getting Xander a playmate since he is so very spunky and glued to me, and I thought it may be nice to get one his age and that he was with when he was a kitten.

    Cecilia Selthun

  21. We live in Richmond, I adopted a Himalayan from a local shelter 2 1/2 yrs go, she is only 4 yr old now and just learned she has PKD and only weeks-months to live. We are heartbroken. I did not know this condition was so prevalent amongst the breed. Are your kittens guaranteed/DNA tested negative for the gene that causes PKD? If so, I would (eventually) be interested in adopting a kitten.

    • Cathy, yes my kitties are PKD negative…all my adults have been DNA tested…..Check with me next week and I may have a new litter which is due this week…Thank you Carson

  22. Cathy, yes my babies are PKD negative, all my adults have been DNA tested…I may be having a new litter this week, so please email me next week to see what i may have…..Thanks, Carson

  23. I’m looking for a female Himalayan kitten. Can you please contact me when you have some available. This will be either a bday or Xmas present for my daughter. Thank you!

    • Hello, so sorry, but I have no available babies at this time, however, I have a friend who breeds Himmys also near Richmond……Feel free to contact her at http://www.KelleyKatz.webs.com, which is her website…..or call her: 804-938-2866……. Her name is Pam Kelley…….You can tell her Carson gave you her info…… Good luck and I hope you find the purrrrrrect kitten….., Carson

    • Jamie, I do have an available baby, a gorgeous male Chocolate Pt., 9 weeks old, $700.00…Extremely friendly and lovable….I’ll send you photos if you may be interested…

  24. I would love some more information on your kittens that are available! What is the difference between buying verses adopting?
    Glory Freeman

    • Sent from my iPad


  25. Please email me when you have a new litter of himis. I am interested in making this investment to bring a little girl him I into my family. Thank you!!

  26. I am looking for a kitten for my family. Would want at the end of Feb. Will you have any kittens available then. Want a seal point male.

  27. Our precious baby girl Violet died last week after a hemorrhage when we took her for a spay. Can hardly believe she is gone. She was perfect at 7 months old, a joy. Some time I would like to have another blue point little girl. Your kittens are beautiful.

    • I’m sorry to hear about your kitty….. Unfortunately , the only baby I have is a 10 week old female flame pt…….extreme face……. I may be getting a new litter first week in March….. Please check with me closer to that…….

      Sent from my iPad


      • Thank you. It is too soon to get a new kitten now. We will be interested in a doll face little girl. A sweet friendly kitten is most important to me. I will keep in touch.

    • I am sorry but I have no babies available at this time…….

  28. I am very interested in one of your beautiful bundles of joy. Do you currently have any available and if not do I need to be put on a list. Our preference is a flame point but any one of your beautiful babies would be appreciated. Please let me know what I need to do to get one of your precious kitties. Thank you!

    • Sent from my iPhone


      • I see that you replied but there is nothing posted…


    PLEASE LET ME KNOW. OR TEXT ME- 713-805-1419.

  30. When will you have kittens available

    • Please email me! We are looking for a blue point or chocolate point little baby boy!

      • Please check back mid May, I may have some available babies at that time……Thank you



    • Hi Melanie, I’m sorry but I have no available babies at this time……

  32. Hi just following up to see if you have any available babies?

  33. I live in va beach do you have any kittens available?

    • No, sorry, no kittens available…..

      Sent from my iPad


  34. I am very interested in adopting one of your gorgeous kittens. Please contact me when one is available for adoption. Thank you and I’m so excited to hear from you soon. Thanks again!!!

    Patiently waiting,

  35. Do you have any new little ones for adoption? We are looking for a blue point male. Thanks.

    • So sorry but I have no available babies at this time…..

  36. Are your kittens free or for adoption for a price. I am desperately looking for a certain female Himalayan kitten that is healthy and not inbreed. I lost my beautiful Himmie at three years from kidney failure. I am convinced she was inbreed . Don’t do that to me again. Call me at 3303973131.

  37. I am looking for a male Flame point himalayan kitten.
    We live in New Braunfels, TX. I am married 33yrs. & cancer survivor.I am home all the time as we are also raising our 12yr grandson, Noah.
    We currently have a DSH tabby (max) who is 18yrs. & another DLH ( Buddy), which we have had for 18yrs now. We don’t know exactly how old Buddy is as someone dumped him & I took him in. Both are spoiled rotten.
    We also have 2 Shitz-u’s. Honeydo who is 12yrs. & Lucy 4yrs. All my babies are spayed & neutered. They are all like my children. lol. They don’t know they are animals,they just know they’re my babies.
    I thank you for your time and I hope we will be able to find me a little flame point himalayan.
    Thanks again
    Cell #
    1-830 -708 -9292

  38. Do you have any kittens available now? If so, how old are they? We are looking for as young as possible. Can you give me a call or email me one way or another? kimberly.keyser1@gmail.com.

    I cannot email you because I have gmail and not outlook. I would need your email address and not just a link. 703 946-4549.

  39. I am looking for a Himalayan kitten, I prefer male, I leave in Miami, please let me know if you have any available. I need it for valentine’s Day
    305 721 7870

  40. I have tried to send an email bit don’t think it is making it to you! When do you expect your next litter of kittens? I love the pictures of your beautiful kittens!

  41. I may be interested in a kitten with lilac, flame points or the ones that are mostly grey in color. It sounds like your next litters are due in March? How long did you like to keep them before selling? I understand it’s best to keep them 12-16 weeks? How does your pricing work? Are females more than males? Are tortipoints and deals less? Looking forward to your reply

  42. Please let me know when your next litters arrive.

  43. I would be interested in getting 2 females. either 2 kittens or 1 kitten and a grown-up, if you are retiring any. Please let me know how the selection process works.. do I visit and then select the kittens/ or cat? what date are they actually available?

  44. Hello my name is Kara. I am unsure if you have any pet only quality kittens or older kitties that need homes. I have had Himalayans and Persians my whole life. I have worked in the veterinary industry for over 15 years. If you do have any that need good homes even retirement homes could you please let me know!! Thank you so much!!

  45. Are there any kittens for sale?

  46. Hi I am interested in adopting a Himalayan kitten. Can you let me know when you are expecting your next litters?

  47. I’m looking for a flame point kitten. Do you have any available?? I’m in Franklin, VA.

  48. Do/wiil you have kittens available anytime now thru June ?
    Your kitties are SO sweet to look at !

  49. Looking to adopt a kitten, will you be expecting a litter anytime soon?

  50. When is the next litter? How much is the deposit?

  51. Are you having any litters this summer? I just lost my precious 15 year old flame point himilaian male kitty and am heartbroken. I live in Richmond but would love to visit your cattery. Thanks, Kathy

  52. Please let me know when you will have another litter available. My 14 yo blue Persian died last week and my teenagers and I are devastated. I have had solid color Persians and Himalayans in the past. I would love a flame point baby, but really would love any new baby. Have a very lonely Siamese missing her sister. I live in Louisiana but my son is going to W&L next year so I could come to you.

    Please let me know. Your cats are so lovely

  53. Looking for a male seslpoint doll face himalayan kitten. Please let ne know when you have one available

  54. Looking for a male Himalayan seal point dollface

  55. Hello, I’m interested in a lilac or flame point female kitten. What are your prices? (I may also be interested in an adult female with the same coloring, if one was available) I currently have a 3 year old male seal point and I think he could use a companion.

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