The Cattery



            Leopard Our cattery is located just a short walk from the beautiful Chick’s Beach (which is part of Virginia Beach), located at the end of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. I have been raising healthy, loving, Himalayans for over 15 years. My kittens are never caged – only raised with tons of TLC. All kittens are guaranteed; if their health is not satisfactory, they can be returned with a full refund.

Our wonderful Veterinarians are included in this page! Please check them out below…..:)


Our new  Cattery!



 Above, The females just love our new Kitty Tower…..How many kitties can you count…?  

 My best friend, Dr. Al Henry, DVM, and he is the best!  Peaksview Animal Hospital is located in Lynchburg, Va.

Below,  Dr. Campbell and Dr. Henry,  both awesome Veterinarians from Peaksview Animal Hospital….Here Dr. Henry is holding our sweet Sophie…..:)

Below, Bea Bea, is the greatest friend who works for Dr. Henry..:)

Below, part of the fabulous staff at Peaksview holding sweet Lexie!

Dr. Allan Adair, below, from Bayside Veterinary Clinic in Va. Beach, is a fabulous Veterinarian and his assistant, Maria work so well with our kitties…:)

Below, Dr. Wesley Shoup, also with Bayside Veterinary Clinic, who is an awesome Veterinarian, and Maria checking out Sophie…:)


Raven, below works for Dr. Adair and Dr. Shoup at Bayside Veterianarian Clinic, here in Va. Beach…:)

img_3308 Kiki, Sophie, and Cashmere enjoying the sunlight in the Cattery…….:):)  S

img_32731 Tony and Harley enjoying quality time together in the Cattery…..:):)

 The girls are waiting for breakfast…:):)

Check out our new 4 level Cat Condo……I see kitties on each level, do you…?? And Tony in the background….




  1. We love our little boy Toots. He is so cute! I will keep you posted on his growth–Thanks Carson!!

  2. Hi Carson! I have enjoyed browsing your website (beautifully done). Having been at your house 1st hand, I know how well the kitties are taken care of and loved!!! They have it made… ha! Thank you so much for blessing my dear friend Sharon with her Flame Point “Precious”. She is dearly loved and has been a lot of company for her!!! Love the Cat Condo…Awwww Kitties! Jayney

  3. I am looking for a female seal point. Do you have any? Thanks!!

  4. Hi, I am familiar with Chicks Beach, exactly where are you located? My husband and I would like to stop by your cattery.
    Gail Deaner

  5. I was looking at your Gallery of kitties and noticed Leo. Who are Leo’s parents? I am looking to have another blue point female who would look like Leo, as Leo looks a lot like my dear female blue point, Charlemagne, whom I just lost in Nov. after almost 17 years. I have lost both of my blue point himalayans over the last 15 months. It is truly devastating to have both of them gone! I am seeking a little doll faced female kitty with long silky fur to fill the house with love. I live in Fairfax, Va, I noticed that you mentioned kittens arriving in Feb. Will that litter come from the same parents that gave you Leo? It not, will you be mating the parents of Leo in the future?
    Thanks, Caroline Fowler

  6. do you have kittens avail and do you ship north dakota

  7. Carson thank you for giving me a ray of sunshine. This little guy has pushed all my gloomy clouds away. My dad loves that I will be naming him “Henry” in honor of my grandfather who passed away on Saturday.

  8. Please contact me as soon as you have a new litter. :> I am desperately wanting a Seal Point Female Kitten.

      • I saw on your comments page that you may have a new litter in March 2015? If so, may I be placed on our waiting list for either a female silver point OR a female seal point kitten?

        I love the looks of your parent kitties-they are all beautiful and look very happy.

        Let me know your thoughts.

        Thank you so much!

      • Yes, I’ll be happy to add you to my waiting list for a female seal pt…….Please feel free to contact me closer to March….

    • Please me know if she is still available. I would love to have one of your beautiful bundles of joy. I am located here in Norfolk.

  9. Love the website. You have some beautiful babies. I am very interested in a flame point female or one of the other females. Just let me know! Thanks


  10. Just inquiring as to whether you have any pictures of new kittens and prices.

    • Still waiting for a reply. Do you have kittens ?

  11. Do you do any cat shows, I mean set up at cat show.

  12. Do you have kittens for sale and if so how much are they?

  13. Any kittens for sale?

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